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When everything around you keeps moving and you suddenly stop; the disillusion of gravity and reason disarms you. You and only you can fix it

On You, with You and to You

The desire of one’s heart and the love that it possesses carries energy, wealth and a positivity that is stronger than anything you could imagine; some may even envy…

Luck has been transferred

Some folks leave you with no choice but to question their sincerity and value; we are not perfect folks and we revolve in an imperfect world.

In Focus

Because when I see you

I see these things that come to mind

your lips, your strong arms and your captivating smile

I want to kiss you

I really want your body

I wanna feel and hold you until it hurts

Lastly I want to love you until the sun goes down




Laughter in my eyes is always a great heart and mind activity; the results make you feel good inside and give you a lil’ tingle! Gotta love it!

The Blind Do See

If I told you what was on my mind

You may be able to follow

You see I had my world turned around

In a very short period of time

And now my reprieve is following me…

Immaculate Timing

What I miss the most is the rectifiable gratitude that never messed up our conversations in the wee hours…

My Lil’ Lady Bug of my Heart

It is always nice to be loved and wanted; it is a gratifying feeling with measures of truth, warmth and fulfillment…


Surprises are just that surprises, it can make ones heart and mind flutter with joy and unbelievable satisfaction especially when LOVE is involved.

The Assumed Woman

As a single woman the concept can be Joy

Means more than just having wealth and a lot more than just having Toys

It means discovering something new about yourself almost every Day

It means sometimes understanding that you have nothing to Say

It means understanding that being lonely is still a comfortable Place

It means viewing trials and tribulations with a brand new Face

While still being you with a strong foundation much love and grace