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Luck has been transferred

Some folks leave you with no choice but to question their sincerity and value; we are not perfect folks and we revolve in an imperfect world.

And the Verdict is…

This week for me has been full of surprising events unjustified. Folks seem to have shaky spirits and lethal problems at times. Sometimes I believe we have to be the soldiers of FAITH!

I believe in this bible passage on a daily; “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”, and every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD. < Isaiah 54:17> I will push on through my day today and this week with a smile, my wits and FAITH!


With in myself  I am:

Still building

Still working through the marks

Still reminding me of where I was and now who I have become to be

All of my positions of life filtered by timeless pieces…

I’m happy to say what we have in our marriage will last with me forever

Because I have learned how to overcome a bad relationship and to be blessed with a good man

Been re-birthing myself into being the continued me with new visibility

While time has passed and paths have changed my thoughts and emotions are reflected within me at sufficient times

The test to seek has already been found I just need to continue to carry them out

With Faith and conviction I will..



I am Blessed and I know that I am Loved!

I first want to give thanks to God and give him praise!! God has kept and brought me, my family and friends through this year; regardless of the circumstances and the outcome.  I know that God has us in his hands for safe passage into the new year of 2012. I will continue to love God and have faith in all that I do and all that is done to me.  Happy New Year to everyone and enjoy your new passage into 2012!

The Test

While you were gone the emptiness soared, now that you have returned my desperation and emptiness has been disciplined and renewed…

Playtime is Over

She has no more tears to share/only memories of lost times & bad decisions of the past/her future seems to be empty with UN-favorite things…


Always put God first.  Make an effort of importance to your husband or wife in all aspects that matter.  Keep the lines of communication open, faithfully your marriage will last and you 2 will become enriched forever…

Broken – Pledge

You and I are presently here today

Just like we were many precious years ago

Seeing everything in our own ways

I respectfully valued your thoughts and views

As you also respected mines

With this expressed tone

I greatly hesitate to tell you

That your life has interrupted my life

Mathematics (Calculations- the calculations involved in a process, estimate, or plan)

I absolutely love this man who was chosen for me! He makes me want to be somewhere special with him chillin’ and enjoying life, in gulping in the romance, tasting love, confusion, joy, retaking moments, reasoning, Reflection of choice for being his, being in love, founded, grounded, promised, bonded from shame, clueless to harm and what it could do to me, free to act out or just Be me, filled with laughter, praised with silence, imitating glances of love, purposed intimate thoughts, resided before and after takes, I could go on and on but I think You’ve got the picture…

Friday’s Love…

Firsts helps me to always recognize that yet again the Lord has brought us all this far out of harm’s way

Given another chance to live, breathe, share, forgive, pray, renew, evolve, multiply, debate, obey and recognize whatever is needed with or without consequences

We are constantly being rescued from out of harm’s way

Our free will still in tack, desires and promises still in our realm

Kept and promised joy of enjoying each other, the unknown and secrets kept hidden

From us for our well being, opportunities opening up and already available

We can still love if we want to and work hard at keeping it

You and I have the opportunities for change

New folks on a positive may enter our lives; older friends are kept or lost

The availability to place love in its place regarding circumstances

Forgiveness is in our prospective, rationality focuses from the very foundation we purpose

Bonded purpose may or may not be a choice

Knowledge and justification comes from growth

Reason and honesty still manages to be sought out after, discovered and purposed

We are among folks for the goodness of mankind

Right means right and wrong could mean death, punishment, loneliness, payback, deception, hurt, shame, grief or malice

Some of us make it to completion and some of us don’t, that is the master plan…