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When everything around you keeps moving and you suddenly stop; the disillusion of gravity and reason disarms you. You and only you can fix it

Would U Mind

Luck has been transferred

Some folks leave you with no choice but to question their sincerity and value; we are not perfect folks and we revolve in an imperfect world.


Through my window, mystery seeps in my mind and my surrounding, speaking loud as I say nothing, focusing is to hard right now, I just want to be…


P-patience in doing all things

U-unity in my efforts

R-reflection on my actions in motion

P-planning to just be me  

O-Opposing the negatives with new positives

S-savoring the good moments

E-enjoy the times I have forthcoming


Joy can come in the form of Sunshine if we can just see it and seek it!

P-Please put the truth where is needs to be with the right candidate and be happy with it!

L-Listen to the words that are spoken from your mouth. Spoken words can have powerful meanings and possible ramifications.

E-Events from the past, present and future whether good, bad or indifference where made by others with authority, us as fellow citizens were involved by the way or right or wrong and us all played a part in the equation.

A-Answers may be given but they may not always be correct or on target, half-truths, wrong answers or even no explanations are warranted. Our choices and sources of truths as fellow citizens are intertwined in our beliefs.

S-Save each other by doing our part as citizens by praying and putting our trust not in man but in God, He knows all; the decisions have already been made and His will; will be done in the end.

E-Evolution was, still is and will be present in the years to come whether we are still a part of it or we have passed on.  Let’s try to leave something, honest, real and lucrative for our upcoming citizens to reflect on in a positive manner.  So they can acknowledge that we as citizens tried to do something right for a change instead of wrong; giving our nations the respect and the influential stand that we so desperately long for and need.

I am Blessed and I know that I am Loved!

I first want to give thanks to God and give him praise!! God has kept and brought me, my family and friends through this year; regardless of the circumstances and the outcome.  I know that God has us in his hands for safe passage into the new year of 2012. I will continue to love God and have faith in all that I do and all that is done to me.  Happy New Year to everyone and enjoy your new passage into 2012!

What about it?

Prying eyes seem to notice everything except the real actual sighting/deception met.

Rectifiable Simplicity

So gone (my mind says hold on) time makes it impossible to calculate when I can let go and let you in…


Unfortunately love is not always enough; love, trust, communication and commitment are also essential components that are needed to rationalize the awareness of my love maintenance.