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And the Verdict is…

This week for me has been full of surprising events unjustified. Folks seem to have shaky spirits and lethal problems at times. Sometimes I believe we have to be the soldiers of FAITH!

I believe in this bible passage on a daily; “No weapon formed against thee shall prosper”, and every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD. < Isaiah 54:17> I will push on through my day today and this week with a smile, my wits and FAITH!


Laughter in my eyes is always a great heart and mind activity; the results make you feel good inside and give you a lil’ tingle! Gotta love it!

The Circle Connects

It takes patience, love and understanding to function day to day on the regular while chaos is brewing, we stand strong in various numbers.

Short Takes

Life is about choices, consequences and prosperity…

The Rising

You blind me with laughter at times that brings me to tears and warms my heart with contented pleasure…

The Assumed Woman

As a single woman the concept can be Joy

Means more than just having wealth and a lot more than just having Toys

It means discovering something new about yourself almost every Day

It means sometimes understanding that you have nothing to Say

It means understanding that being lonely is still a comfortable Place

It means viewing trials and tribulations with a brand new Face

While still being you with a strong foundation much love and grace


A cloud or 2 may bring gloom or rain but 1 smile can take away moments of pain…


I am slowing the whole scene thing down today; I’m still in just about every play scene, just moving at a grateful pace today. You see the kid in me wants to play! You know that you shouldn’t let a child wait to long…



In recognizing can you voice who gave you the will and the blessing to make a wrong a right, incomplete a complete or a jester to become live and be sent with meaning?  I can and I do each and everyday…

I Declare

For in my heart there is a special place for you

And I truly hope that you can see it too

Nothing  leaves me and new things enter me

My mind seems to just know

Still in my heart there will be a special place for you