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When everything around you keeps moving and you suddenly stop; the disillusion of gravity and reason disarms you. You and only you can fix it

On You, with You and to You

The desire of one’s heart and the love that it possesses carries energy, wealth and a positivity that is stronger than anything you could imagine; some may even envy…

Never You Mind Unless You Care


A kiss, hug, smile or a touch can be for today’s occasion

Or if you are special 1 or more of these things

Are given to you on a daily basis…

Joy can come in the form of Sunshine if we can just see it and seek it!

P-Please put the truth where is needs to be with the right candidate and be happy with it!

L-Listen to the words that are spoken from your mouth. Spoken words can have powerful meanings and possible ramifications.

E-Events from the past, present and future whether good, bad or indifference where made by others with authority, us as fellow citizens were involved by the way or right or wrong and us all played a part in the equation.

A-Answers may be given but they may not always be correct or on target, half-truths, wrong answers or even no explanations are warranted. Our choices and sources of truths as fellow citizens are intertwined in our beliefs.

S-Save each other by doing our part as citizens by praying and putting our trust not in man but in God, He knows all; the decisions have already been made and His will; will be done in the end.

E-Evolution was, still is and will be present in the years to come whether we are still a part of it or we have passed on.  Let’s try to leave something, honest, real and lucrative for our upcoming citizens to reflect on in a positive manner.  So they can acknowledge that we as citizens tried to do something right for a change instead of wrong; giving our nations the respect and the influential stand that we so desperately long for and need.


With in myself  I am:

Still building

Still working through the marks

Still reminding me of where I was and now who I have become to be

All of my positions of life filtered by timeless pieces…

I’m happy to say what we have in our marriage will last with me forever

Because I have learned how to overcome a bad relationship and to be blessed with a good man

Been re-birthing myself into being the continued me with new visibility

While time has passed and paths have changed my thoughts and emotions are reflected within me at sufficient times

The test to seek has already been found I just need to continue to carry them out

With Faith and conviction I will..




Unjustified reasoning was placed upon the untrue

Emptiness glazed upon the wanted

Elapsed time willed the quandary

The impact may have not be on the greatest of terms

The willingness of opportunity is still there


The Timing is Wrong but MY Love is still Strong

Before us the evidence is present/I don’t want you to be taken from me/so the discomfort that I’m feeling/does not outweigh the love, joy commitment or strength  that I have for my man/it only continues to bless our promise  and understanding that we share for each other/my love to you is eternal…

Electric Royal Blue

Peaking to the top- I found spectacular love, while desires increased into electric royal blue, explosive light transformed midnight lovers.

Chamber Gestures

I saw you at a distance/the wind carried something remarkable from you to me/I fell deeply puzzled/you had me at hello…