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To Mr. Hiram “Red” Brown, II

Today you stand in front of me with all of your glory and humbleness
Within seconds I was reminded of the spellbound effects that you had over me once

What I wouldn’t do for an instant re-play of some of those moments, unbreakable, Unforgettable series of wonderful times that we shared, unbeatable reality states that What we had shared; were just moments from a long time ago

We have since moved on and separately played out phase 2 and 3 of our lives
Down the road you have been taken from out of HB’s and my reach
Gracefully you are now happily with our Lord and savior

May you continue to live well and enjoy everything that
Once made you to become the “Man” that we knew you to be
R.I.P. my delicious and precious lover of once ago and who will always be my friend…