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Ponder Tid-Bit

We ask for answers to questions and the reasons
The answers come when the time is right, ready, needed or allowed
Never sooner or later it just arrives when it is the time
Can you appreciate that logic?

To HIM I cry out

Please carry me my Lord to the next phase
Invisible shackles and vicious words are closing in on me
The leaders of today have us all senselessly bound
No lessons learned, just shaky faith and people put down
Voices come united to be heard, but will anyone really listen
Money is the mighty master these days or so I have heard
Lord allow me to see all that I need to see for this day
My feelings are only feelings and my thoughts are just thoughts
Because I have no destination or definition of the realm in which you lead
Your great wonders amaze me on how much you really love me and others
I need and I mean I need to give you all of me and all that I have
Because my awakening has passed, leaving me suppressed and vulnerable
And with no option, I have been beckoned to parade for the trade
With a bewildered mind and a grieving heart, I cry out
To you my Lord and I ask to be healed and
To get closer to you my Lord will you please forgive me and
Please carry me forward my Lord

I only know this is…

No one knows you as yourself like God does
No one can forgive you and still love you as God does
Nor provide for you in the volume of intended ways
With a respected purpose
That is not seen or can be acknowledged by humans
But to God it is received, recognized, valued and processed to be given


You can never stop knowing or finding out something new
About your spouse because you feel all is already known
One thing stands out always unanswered
That you have pondered about or questioned for years
You unexpectedly stumble across the answer or solution
Willingly it blows your mind into auto pilot
With the reality of re-introducing yourself
To a wonderful known factual piece
Pertaining to the one you love
Discovery makes the relationship and romance
Even more profoundly correct, factual, sweeter,
Sexier, close & bounding and reveling a sacred
Re-pronounced sight on Faith
This kind of joy doesn’t come by everyday

Being Reviewed

being-reviewd-3The feeling of slowing down
And getting through processes
Is a blessing of recognition
Keep what you have and let no one
Take your joy from you
Because the realm of purpose is
Not always available or welcomed

Learn People

Some people have a sloppy way of life
They make it their destiny to pull the source of power from someone else
Not thinking of the repercussions of gestation of the consequences
Their good fortune, faith and demeanor dissolves into chaos and despair
I cannot always be aware of your despicable actions
But I can definitely rally myself to stayed prayed up for action

Love is or can be…

wordz3A heart that loves will capture joy always
A joyful smile spreads the cheer of light
Light opens the pathway to happiness and love is a source of communication and Encouragement