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Today’s Quote

Our love to and for our sister(s) are endless and unmatchable by anyone else.


wind-on-my-sailAn epiphany came to me today
I can no long handle all of the on-going situations
In my life nor can I continue to worry about things
Undone, I now know that I just need to concentrate on
What matters to me and what I have the ability to do
I have been freed:)

Maybe I

facemirror3I really think if we just look and believe you can find a lil’ love in just about everything… almost everything…

I know you and I feel you

It takes us to fall down sometimes
In order for us to be picked back up
I’m not saying it’s your fought
It just separates us from the perfect folks
At those fragile times
We can feel, gather, recognize
And be thankful that we are still here
To the imperfect world that we are a part of
Seize the rectification of the chance to win


fortunecookie-sheet3(somebody’s personal destiny)

Your talents and creativity are yours to use and keep, they are blessings from God.

Now or Later

When a sweet glance is given
Or a sweet treat is presented
Or sweet words are spoken
Shared emotions are sparked
Shared pulses of satisfaction comes into play
Shared favorable, desirable or advantageous expectations may be in order

The ultimate performance of reality is left up to you


maries-mouth3Diversity-ethnic variety, as well as socioeconomic and gender variety, in a group, society, or institution
Minimized- to play down the extent or seriousness of something
Publicity- information, material, or other means used to publicize something or somebody
Licensed- the freedom of a writer or artist to rearrange the facts of ordinary life in order to make a more striking effect
Elicit- to cause or produce something as a reaction or response to a stimulus of some kind
Sacrifice- a giving up of something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance


Ignorance helps no one
Examination of the mind is necessary
The requirements are more often then we think
What is not already processed can be learned
Sometimes we need to go through things or situations
In order to learn the processes
Ultimately lessons learned are by naked trials
So we can then exercise free-will the right way

I must have done something right

When the universe and the zodiac
Set into motion several things or a sequence of events
That repeats itself cyclically
Unexpected opportunities arises
That intertwines in you and leaves you feeling awesome
Don’t knock the good vibe
Or the people that you are sharing it with
Because consequently you can envision that everything is alright
With all things in there specified place
Embrace the gift(s) and treats without worry
Reality is, not everyday brings forth
Worry-free days temporarily missing in action
Thank God first for your feeling and well-being
Rejoice, reflect and exhale and let all of your positive vibes flow
You may never know or be aware of how you
Have just helped someone to let go…

You are never too old to need your Mother

the-roseTo my mother Beulah Olivia on 3/03/09
12 years have passed on this very day
I still get sad because you are not near
I sometimes get frustrated & mad because
I thought that we would have more time together
In my heart I sometimes cry silently
In my moments I seem to then see clearer visions
With this I know no one can ever take your place
Wishing I could just touch & reach you from time to time
Bitter-sweet joy & feelings still last in my mind
I still have a lot of unanswered questions frozen in time
Being a mother has brought me great challenges
Being a sister has brought me greater challenges
Being a wife has brought me the greatest challenges
Growing up from a girl and your daughter to becoming a woman
Has brought me great irreplaceable challenges
Your wisdom, guidance, truth, love, tough love and absence
Has left me strong and weak
It has also left me complete and incomplete
Today I am still seeking for my completion
I miss your visits and your signs
I use to think of them as your loving divine
Have I passed your test or am I still in training
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