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My Gardener



When I asked my gardener
What lovely flower do I remind him of
His reply was; “Poison Ivy”
I laughed and graciously savored my compliment
Because I know that I leave him
With such a gratifying itch
And he keeps coming back for mo’
As a precaution I always have
Goodies such as band-aids and sweet juice
Available for each and every massive recovery
Rare gems decipher the wanted…


Frustrated and confused
I somehow became amused
By the gesture you had made
I said to myself he’s playing the game
Not knowing the rules; became a thieves mystery
I studied you and decided to play possum
Leaving you with a riddle preposterous

1 Minute Planned

While in my peaceful mood today
You touched me; I mean not by physical touch
Instead physically you showed me your feelings
And it summoned me to blossom like a beautiful rose
I gasped for air and strayed to the edge of the bed
Knowing that you only signaled for conformation
I seceded from the opportunity of formation
And rested my head on my pillow wondering if, when, how and thank you

The Day we Met

my-faceI think about the day we met
I about lost myself
And why I don’t know but
My heart jumped and did a gig on the floor
It then happily snapped back into my chest
And caused me to be mesmerized
By that beautiful smile
Taken back I recognized that same smile
From a kind fellow from many years ago
(You see justifiably he became a fixture in my path back then)
And those big hands and big feet
Lord I wanted that man, for my very own
I want everyone to listen
I said my very own, yall!
He was going to become my prince…