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A Season for the Yellow Brick Wall

the-wallNow I understand the unspoken dilemma
This must have been one of those very special times
Because she’s standing and crying out very loud
And her face was some what clouded
In her mind she’s not fine
All that seemed good and real
Has been discovered and revealed to be as needy as un-pastured hills
There were people all around her
Talking and staring
Pointing fingers and saying that she’s crazy
But no one could hear her
Because she spoke in code

Butterflies fly away
Flowers bloom, die and they prevail year after year
Trials and pain are all still the same
Love is always in reach
But just not seen as in right now
Don’t you want more out of life?
I do but I just don’t know how
I just wanna know that I am
Gonna be around for another day
With great purpose in a lil’ place

Around the way she went
Until she couldn’t go no further
She turned around and wiped her eyes
And to everybody’s surprise
She laid down and disappeared
Into the Yellow Brick Wall
So you see; she was never found again
But every Spring and Summer
You can be a witness
To the beautiful flowing daffodils with pink stems
Embedded through the creases of the Yellow Brick Wall
You see she is still around; just in a better place….