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My Minez

 The greatest meditation is a mind that can afford to let go and seize the aftermath of a good break-away…

I spoke before I was spoken too

Ok so I made a mistake today
Will I have to live with it forever?
Or can you forgive my foolish response
There are 2 ways in which we can learn
Ask questions to get the logistics
Or watch and observe what’s in progress
I chose option#1
Not knowing that the back lash would become a fever
Of emotions and reticule
I did have a major point to make that you can
Live, live and keep living
While honoring your beliefs and gestures
Embrace what is alive and here available before you now
Remember the purpose of this day and shine, live and live
Because the time becomes now not in to later
The meaning will have changed and the joy will be lost.

I fell down because I didn't look…

Just when you think you have a grasp on your life and
The aspects that make you who you are
You fail yourself
Your choices are no longer at that point your choices
Because of decisions already made for you
Good deeds and honestly reflect on how you
Treat yourself and how you receive others
These gestures may help you to lessen the blow
Of what’s coming to you but it will not stop it
After the impact you may have all of the time
In the world to wonder or figure out
What just happened to you and what have you done
The end result is you’ve ridden through the storm
And now you are on an uncertain road to recovery
Not knowing what may have been left behind or
What new has just joined you
Baby footsteps are in order to help you to grasp
To reality that life all around you is still moving on
While you gather you and prepare
To help fix the torn pieces of your life
Graciously, you have been given another refreshing chance
To re-route with purpose
Greif, sympathy, understanding and forgiveness
Are on route to your recovery grand