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A summer day gone but not forgotten

Fantastic friends, great laughter and tears
Shy and happy smiles, group talks and childhood stories
Are memories shared with handshakes, hugs and quite thoughts
Blending together an unmistakable recipe
For everlasting memories


For every smile you give out is an expression of warmth and it displays that I care and I do feel.

Today’s Quote

Being among great friends with like qualities that inject laughter, joy and new ideas is fabulous and the rewards are priceless…

Realization Puzzle

Is there satisfaction in crying?
Is there justice in telling a lie?
Can a cut or scrape help us recognize life?
Is religion meant for everyone past, present or future?
If I answer you how do you know that I am telling you’re the truth?
Is sex only sinful by committing the act or is role playing as liable?
Are human feelings meant to hurt, love, crush, hide, comfort, entice?
To feel tall on the outside are you little on the inside?
Is good advice the truth or a quandary of speculation?
Do I dress for me or do I dress for you?
Can a promise still be considered a promise even if the promise is deferred?
Because you are smarter do you lack in common sense?
Is death really the end?
How many chances do we keep taking while enabling others of needed help?
Does being sincere to someone mark you unjustly?
Can I have you and still have another and be happy?
Will you ever be able to truly except yourself for who you are?
Is being persuaded gullible or do you end up as someone’s puppeteer?
Am I accountable for your actions or just what you do?