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To That Holiday

There are times when you number is up
And you have to go through changes
Truly believe that you have been sanctioned
You don’t have a reason as to why
You can’t even re-coup the feeling
You aren’t even allowed to change it
No outside help is allowed
Your dilemma has been prized just to you
Your ticket has been paid
Your participation is guaranteed to a ride of uncertainty
Depression, stress, vulnerability and chaos arrives
While your mind and body swarms

My tune played double-time

I cannot undo what has been done to you
I can only give you sympathy, listen and respond
And hope that I can constructively learn from your mistakes
To help me to stay on my right path
While the vast degrees of healing still continues
To monitor my heart and mind
You see not long ago, I was where you are once…

Just Enough

With or without reason we all fall down at times
Fortunately we have been given the chance
To rebuild and start again
Mainly our trials seems to be
What we have done to ourselves or others
Forgiveness starts with the forgiving of one’s own self
Excepting the unjustly making of mistakes and judgments
Realizing that forgiveness starts from within you
Including a grand healing process of fixtures and caps
Reviewing with caution may allow us to be forgiven by others

1/2 The Wait

In the mists of sunlight
I found you in an unfamiliar place
I waited and speculated for your departure
While drumming up the courage to approach you
You bravely came to me and called out my name
I gladly melted right into your arms with joy
That first kiss was better than I could have ever imagined
Your spirit lifted my being to a nameless popcorn rise
Favorably you had me living past the dreams
And delivered me into solid reality bliss
I vividly remember and embrace that wonderful day
My free-will allows me to play, stop and rewind
My scene each and every loving day

Broken – Pledge

You and I are presently here today
Just like we were many precious years ago
Seeing everything in our own ways
I respectfully valued your thoughts and views
As you also respected mines
With this expressed tone
I greatly hesitate to tell you
That your life has interrupted my life

Words for Today

I can have you with coffee
Or I can have you with tea
I can also grab a bite to eat
Or even maybe watch some TV
The truth will always be in my words
I’ll never kiss and tell


Flow through with the norm but make time to savor the goodness that has placed you where you are today.