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Today’s Quote

Creativity can bring forth a remarkable sense of humor…

I followed a crooked Line

I am still diligently trying to catch up
To what, I really don’t know
I have managed to make it to this point
Not even sure if I can finish the task given to me
While elements of self doubt restricts me
And profound victory impatiently calls me
While breezing through the separated unknown
Faint music seems to draw my inner bond to sound

Today’s Quote

Treat yourself and free yourself with a few moments of good thoughts…

Never You Mind Unless You Care

Quite days
Loud days
Rainy days
Cold days
Hot days
Dark days
Shinning Days
Always has a message for us in their passing around the globe
We as people forget to stop, think and recognize
Our wealth, hope, justice, freedom, life, laughter, joy, love, sadness, shame, completion, kayos, sickness, wellness, victory, death and being born
Honorably we have been given the formula to complete our life cycles
So next time remember to exhale and believe that important signs are everywhere