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The Burning Plain

Sometimes circumstances aren’t as clear as other things

Our lives doesn’t come with manuals on how we are suppose to act or thrive

Circumstances causes reality to sometimes to become obscured

We tear and pluck at the lining of the uniform status

Not taking in consideration the countless moments of pain and emptiness

Forsaking others or causing irreconcilable chaos for the pleasure of ones self

While the situations still lingers and festers among us

There is no replacement for the broken, detached or maimed orientation

Simon says for instance:

Forbidden love, really means just that

Emptiness with out love broadens self deterioration

Unanswered answers participates in distorted conclusions

Different societies dispositions brings forth hate and revenge

Innocent love brings forth desperate unity of merciful grace

Incurable death whispers envy of lost passion

Being alone warns the possibilities of new beginnings

Commitment may not always hold justifiable truth to the words

Feeling unworthy of ones self reflects abandonment

Sadness is lonely causing unhappiness, grief and sorrow

Reformation brings forth hope

Forgiveness is not whispered or forgotten

We reflect, justify, regroup and just move forward

Words for Today

Protruding- to stick out from the surroundings, or make something do this

My definition-
hidden secrets and comprised truths become folk’s reality when they are least expected to gain the ugly truth or the vainness of what the truth really means.