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Quote for Today

The joys that you receive from the outside that filters into the inside can leave an everlasting blue print effect.


Indifference- Moments in our lives can sometimes be fragile so we should try to focus on the important things.


Protruding- to stick out from the surroundings, or make something do this

My definition- Hidden secrets and comprised truths become folks reality when they are least expected to gain the ugly truth or the vainness of what the truth really means.


Truth- with truth brings recognition and value…

Desires do we really know the truth

The true desires of our hearts… do we always know what we are truly asking for and do we know what to ask for and know what to do with it after we receive it… Also do we cause our requests to be soured, destroyed, disfigured, cursed, blinded, doubled with a blessing or passed over because of our own insecurities, nastiness or ignorance due to envy?