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My Sistah go to the back of the line

What were you thinking? All I said was excuse me. You think that you are to good to move or step aside so I can pass you? I had no desire to touch you or talk to you.  For goodness sakes you were in a gaming store!  Who in the hell would be interested in you less more want to pick you up in a gaming store?  Sorry if I clouded your space or spot light moment!  BTW the games hold more interest and value then you do!  Sometimes we have to take one for the team and keep it amovin’ (as my sista would say).

“I want to go to Heaven”

I want to go to Heaven by doing the right things.  So It doesn’t hurt to reach out and help out folks from time to time.

It could be a patron on the street asking for change – give him $2.00

It could be a friend asking for help – honor their request even  if the situation seems unstable

It could be a worker serving you your food-  give her a good tip for her hard work and services

It could be a co-worker spreading useless verbiage on you for a laugh or to- let them carry on with their emptiness and pray for their well-being

I must be the better person and I must remember the burdens that was lifted from me

You see I can never repay, repair or take on what challenges and sacrifices that

Jesus Christ did for me… Hallelujah!