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Can I be a Witness?

Sometimes I believe that there are forces out there, geared to pull us in the wrong direction because of the good and evil that we have in us and around us in this world.  It is a constant battle to stay focused and do well. We want to always do good but sometimes we fall short and then things tend to happen. We always have help we just have to sincerely shout out, talk or pray to God about our troubles or misfortunes. HE will always be there for us.

I am ashamed to say that in the past I forgot to call out to God at times because I was wrapped up in my man, my mess or our messes. I also let someone misdirect me and poison me with unrighteousness so I could only please him or be able to keep peace among us for more than a day.  I had asked and pray to the LORD for forgiveness for my sins and my actions. I know that the Lord knows my heart and me as a person. I had to learn the hard way that FAITH is BIG and it MATTERS in ones lives. We will always be loved because we are all of God’s children. You can never be too late, to proud or ashamed to turn to the Lord. He is a patient and loving God.

Sometimes I do believe that we can also be a witness to and for others. All we need is God in our lives on a daily basis (acknowledge HIM and move on). “Wrong with not stay with you or torment you (you may have remembrance but you want have the drama or the grief) if you have faith, believe and communicate with God. I am living proof of these words and actions.

The Fundamentals of my Life

The woman that I am; allows me to continue to work at becoming the best person (woman) that I can be. Trying to be a good mother to my children always; they are my heart you see. My husband means the world to me so I keep striving to be the best wife and friend that I can be. Always remembering that the Lord comes first and trying faithfully to use my gifts and talents to continue to help myself to grow and learn while being a joy and good person to others.

What I do…

I love music. I grew up around all types of music and it is a strong part of me. I play music, sing music and also write lyrics to music. I write poetry as well, words can be yourself expression, victory, announcements and freedom there is no end to what words can do or who it may reach and the wonderful purpose(s) that can be shared by participating. My world is full of words! I’ve been blessed to publish a book using my wonderful words and I plan to never stop:)

You take a step and I’ll follow

You can get joy from someone; just as you can give joy to someone. We all need to love…


I dared to be fooled

By a fool

That acts like a fool

Or practices foolish ways

To mimic cowardly or selfish ways

Just because the realness of blindness is not foolish

It can be contagious, additive and deceiving

Because a fool can be blinded

Is it up to me?

If I move to the left and you move to the right

Will you faithfully follow me?

And will we then complete our wonderful circle of friendship?