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Friday’s Love…

Firsts helps me to always recognize that yet again the Lord has brought us all this far out of harm’s way

Given another chance to live, breathe, share, forgive, pray, renew, evolve, multiply, debate, obey and recognize whatever is needed with or without consequences

We are constantly being rescued from out of harm’s way

Our free will still in tack, desires and promises still in our realm

Kept and promised joy of enjoying each other, the unknown and secrets kept hidden

From us for our well being, opportunities opening up and already available

We can still love if we want to and work hard at keeping it

You and I have the opportunities for change

New folks on a positive may enter our lives; older friends are kept or lost

The availability to place love in its place regarding circumstances

Forgiveness is in our prospective, rationality focuses from the very foundation we purpose

Bonded purpose may or may not be a choice

Knowledge and justification comes from growth

Reason and honesty still manages to be sought out after, discovered and purposed

We are among folks for the goodness of mankind

Right means right and wrong could mean death, punishment, loneliness, payback, deception, hurt, shame, grief or malice

Some of us make it to completion and some of us don’t, that is the master plan…


I am slowing the whole scene thing down today; I’m still in just about every play scene, just moving at a grateful pace today. You see the kid in me wants to play! You know that you shouldn’t let a child wait to long…


Sorted Moments

I myself was reflecting on things from the past and I had to stop and tell the Lord how I recognized and appreciated Him and all that he does for me and that I could acknowledge.


In recognizing can you voice who gave you the will and the blessing to make a wrong a right, incomplete a complete or a jester to become live and be sent with meaning?  I can and I do each and everyday…

Short cuts are restricted

I have learned in the past years that sometimes you’ve got to be the bigger person and allow folks to do their own thing, without any of your help at all.  They already have the help but because of our interference the task can’t be done and we may have bruised their chance for the ultimate reward.