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Thankful because

To Me my Thor is with me everyday

Love can be shown in many different ways

Between two kindred spirits commitment, focus, responsibility, understanding, patience and passion

The recipe for a good standing relationship

Every day is a continuous daily work in progress

I have found that you care for me when I don’t care for myself

Somethimes you carry the load for the both of us

Understanding and love with purpose

I am thankful…

I’m 1/2 way there

As you settle into your power

You are aware and conscious of the hours

You seek and take things/situations as they are

Because with wisdom, strength and knowledge

Follows the awful truth of whom and what you really are

Be thankful and pleased for your freedom

Because your time and season may come without your reason


Folks Often Observe Life Sideways (FOOLS)

A path of Fools

May not always be to cool

You see they tend to play by their own rules

Small jesters followed by uncensored conversation

Allows good common sense to fuse their complexity and actions

While they bark out their words, we ponder our responses and our escape

Although we stand in a quandary we do see/recognize a good woman/man

With all respect that maybe assets to you someday

Just because they are fools doesn’t mean that can’t save you…