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Wisdom that I need to follow

Prayer is exhaling the spirit of a woman, her quandary assets and inhaling the spirit of God for revelation.


A cloud or 2 may bring gloom or rain but 1 smile can take away moments of pain…

Piece, by Piece by Piece

I am giving myself a reprieve of moments to find the justification of the righteousness I seek for myself while staying and moving towards completion.


F-urther we have went, to only become closer again

R-ight at this moment there is reflection

I- ntimately our friendships never left each other

E- lements of the unknown brings joy to our paths

N- ever will we stop reaching out to reach each other

D- ay by day we bless our sisters and brothers modestly

S- hould time move on, our history will always collect re-plays

H- olding on to the spirit, gives promises of destiny

I- nspiring words from one another, frees emptiness and doubt

P- enetrating testimony allows me to tell you, that I care for you

Taking the wrong Turn

Loving the flow as I seek every word to be the truth

Also an eye opener to guidance prep to one on their destiny

Heed to the warning of: obedience, discipline, patience followed by self awareness

To be rewarded with the shower of blessings marked just for you

Or follow your own spirit to conquer none

Taking the fall to empty reasoning while playing a fools game going continuously in circles

While your chosen future has become kayos and your bestowed blessings have been forfeited

Your free will has become frozen, what have you done?

My Opened Eyes

When you get older and are Grown
You begin to see there is nothing you really Own
You willingly let a lot of things just Be
Because maturity allows you to recognize and feel Free

Mathematics (Calculations- the calculations involved in a process, estimate, or plan)

I absolutely love this man who was chosen for me! He makes me want to be somewhere special with him chillin’ and enjoying life, in gulping in the romance, tasting love, confusion, joy, retaking moments, reasoning, Reflection of choice for being his, being in love, founded, grounded, promised, bonded from shame, clueless to harm and what it could do to me, free to act out or just Be me, filled with laughter, praised with silence, imitating glances of love, purposed intimate thoughts, resided before and after takes, I could go on and on but I think You’ve got the picture…

1-2-3 or Me?

Mothers themselves were little girls once

Experiencing life with promise and hope

Wishing to be the very desires of their hearts

We fail; re-work and we all have grown up

Now it’s up to us to make the best of what we have

May victory come to us all at last!

Ok now coffee, tea or Barbie!

A Sistahs Desired Moment

From one woman with a good heart to another good woman it is hard to let go of someone you’ve cherished and loved for a lifetime and you have given you body, mind and soul too (we love and we love hard and when don’t usually know when to let go until it is almost to late…) but it is a betrayal to you and the other person involved and can be a lifetime of harm, heartache and a lifetime of PAIN to hold on to tarnished love, empty house with no love, empty love, a bruised heart and mind with uncertainties. Justification means just what is says; showing me and doing it to completion! 

Holding on to the past can be a bad thing at times, you for one have never closed the opened door, you have not made peace to yourself or for the other person, you are susceptive to letting in anything to touch you and turn your life into a quandary of hell, doing the right thing hurts at times (believe me it really hurts) but it also allows you to sort out things and see things as they really should be… What you may have wanted in/for your life may not be what is for your destiny, path or your blessings.

Taking chances is just what it is; taking chances… I figure you can’t do any worse in your situation. You still have yourself and other opportunities to pick up the pieces and start over again a-new; when you are ready in the very end (you may be crazy and not marketable anymore after you empty your bags but…). You just keep on moving and keep your head up high and keep on smiling. I believe in you and I want nothing but the very best for you. I will stay in prayer for you:)