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Broken – Pledge

You and I are presently here today

Just like we were many precious years ago

Seeing everything in our own ways

I respectfully valued your thoughts and views

As you also respected mines

With this expressed tone

I greatly hesitate to tell you

That your life has interrupted my life

The Rising

You blind me with laughter at times that brings me to tears and warms my heart with contented pleasure…

Put Me Down

Pain can be rich but peace is the ultimate royalty from a known entity…

The Revealed Women

Joy is knowing that you exist

Joy is knowing that just being a woman is joy within its self

Joy is being born and growing old with your special attributes bestowed with you

Joy is knowing that we as women are capable of loving

At times strongly and deeply with compassion and justification

Joy is knowing we are blessed and have the choice to make our own decisions

Joy is sharing your life with others

Joy is the discipline that you sacrifice when the situation arrives

Joy is being with the ones you love

A woman’s joy is a treasure from God that He has Blessed

Joy is acknowledgment

The Assumed Woman

As a single woman the concept can be Joy

Means more than just having wealth and a lot more than just having Toys

It means discovering something new about yourself almost every Day

It means sometimes understanding that you have nothing to Say

It means understanding that being lonely is still a comfortable Place

It means viewing trials and tribulations with a brand new Face

While still being you with a strong foundation much love and grace