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I am Blessed and I know that I am Loved!

I first want to give thanks to God and give him praise!! God has kept and brought me, my family and friends through this year; regardless of the circumstances and the outcome.  I know that God has us in his hands for safe passage into the new year of 2012. I will continue to love God and have faith in all that I do and all that is done to me.  Happy New Year to everyone and enjoy your new passage into 2012!

The Circle Connects

It takes patience, love and understanding to function day to day on the regular while chaos is brewing, we stand strong in various numbers.

Temporary Proposal

Never should I want for something that I can’t have/because I took it from someone else/I was not strong enough to get it on my owns…

The Test

While you were gone the emptiness soared, now that you have returned my desperation and emptiness has been disciplined and renewed…

Playtime is Over

She has no more tears to share/only memories of lost times & bad decisions of the past/her future seems to be empty with UN-favorite things…

Still Winning

Love never leaves, It just gets tested and re-evaluated until the right scene, moment and desires of one’s heart captures the real purpose and plays out the theme…

The Timing is Wrong but MY Love is still Strong

Before us the evidence is present/I don’t want you to be taken from me/so the discomfort that I’m feeling/does not outweigh the love, joy commitment or strength  that I have for my man/it only continues to bless our promise  and understanding that we share for each other/my love to you is eternal…


Always put God first.  Make an effort of importance to your husband or wife in all aspects that matter.  Keep the lines of communication open, faithfully your marriage will last and you 2 will become enriched forever…


You see naturally

It just comes to me

As I lay my head down

And dream about your good vibes that arouse my mind

Every time you speak to me, touch me and please me

With your smooth talking voice of a man so strong

It makes me wanna cry out loud fluently, validation!

Opened Presence

I’m thinking about you, while I fall to memory and melt with pleasure, the warmth I feel soothes me from the emptiness felt while you’re away…