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chaka82My Favorite Artist of all time is:Chaka Khan”

The Lord gave the world a true Arian wonder with a voice of fire, passion and soul and her tones cannot be replicated just admired…

Chaka was born Yvette Marie Stevens on 3/23/1953 in Chicago, Illinois. Chaka was the lead singer of the band Rufus in the early 70s; I loved that music group!  Chaka Khan’s all-powerful voice, show-stopping stage presence and style created a standard that set her apart from any other singer. Chaka is a phenomenal woman and has won many awards in her lifetime and she also received recently the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I am proud to say that I am an owner of her unreleased CD of Chaka Khan -1982 (per Wikipedia -”is a rare collector’s item since it remains unreleased on CD in both the United States and Europe and is only available as a Japanese import”.)  I brought my copy as a Japanese import many years ago and paid a pretty penny for it but for her I would have gladly paid more to own a treasure from Chaka Khan.  I have alot of Chaka Khan’s music and I treasure all of them and play them every chance I get!

Chaka’s book, “Through the Fire” was a grand read… I read it in a day & 1/2; I just couldn’t put it down! She allowed us to see into her world/journey with its ups and downs and the reality of what it is to live by taking it one day at a time. I would recommend her book to anyone.

I have a wish; I would love to meet Chaka Khan one day and spend a day singing, talking and basking in her greatness…


Continuation of Artists I like and admire:


Ledisi has a powerful voice of recognition that demands attention and focus on the stories being told. She is a wonderful and meaningful DIVA to listen to…

Ledisi was born Ledisi Anibade Young she is a native from New Orleans.  Ledisi grew up in a musical family; her mother sang in a Louisiana R&B band, and Ledisi first began performing at age eight with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra.  Ledisi is known for her jazzy influenced vocals. She has also won and received many awards from her singing career.

Ledisi’s book “Better Than Alright” is a wonderful book of poetry, short stories and life’s moments of straight up talks of honesty, self influences, sharing of others, being a happy woman and living life.  I enjoyed every page it is a must read!  

“Conya Doss”

Conya’s sultry voice brings memorizing acknowledgement of love, hate, joy and pain perceptively. She is a wonderful and meaningful DIVA to listen to…conya-doss

Conya was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  Conya has been singing since she was five. She received the 2008 Soultracks Award for Female Vocalist of the Year. She was nominated for Best Underground Artist at the 2008  BET J Virtual Awards and was listed on  iTunes as Best R&B Underground/Indie Artist and Best R&B Indie Track of 2008 for “It’s Over”. 

 I actually listened to the song ‘Smile Again’ by Conya from her album “A Poem about Ms. Doss-2002″ the entire summer last year; it added flavor to the novels that I was reading at that time.


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