Passions of Minez

 My destiny holds great opportunities for me and I am ready to fulfill all of my destinies.

My personal interests are:

Love/Romance-you can never get enough but never stop trying to receive or give magic

Music-It takes me to another time and place and it makes me feel so good inside

Songwriting-this has been a new project for me and I am excited about continuing writing

Singing-it is in the very essence of me, one day I will be singing too many and pleasing all

Poetry-my words, my feelings, my life, my views of the world and my sisters and brothers

Plants-creation of life and the longevity of survival and inner beauty

Writing-freedom, stress reliever and mirrored images of me

Art-beauty from all perspectives, expression

Books/Novels-storytelling, adventures, tragedy, romance, mystery, spoken words unite

Movies- entertainment, relaxation

Bass Guitar-I want to learn how to play the guitar someday just like Bobby Watson and Tony Maiden from the band Rufus

Recording a XMAS CD-myself, my sista and my sistah with the help of others in the group will be ebracing this project for XMAS 2009 to give as gifts.

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