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momentintime2“Moments In Time-Reflections of Love”

“Moments In Time-Reflections of Love” is about self expression, recognition, love, involvement and the different phases of life concerning family, friends, other people and myself in the world through my vision. Please enjoy 3 poetry works from my book… poetry by Marie A. Woodfolk









(In loving memory of Beulah Olivia)
Losing her to the grave
Silently crying inside myself
My fire turns into ice
History goes unanswered
Loneliness turns into reality
The need for continued love and understanding
Is presently replaced with emptiness and maturity
Through focus Olivia had given me
The abundance to pass along to my loved ones
With this note; I now know that my mother was
One of the smartest women that I have ever known
From a vision of tiny stars
I now myself see clearer love

The Message
Between two individuals
Conversation kindles
The mystery of words left unspoken
Speculate views left for open discussion
Giving one the chance to ponder
While unknowingly creating what makes passion
Between two individuals

The phenomenon of your loves pleases me
And yet leaves me content
To radiance unnoticed daily

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