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I am Blessed and I know that I am Loved!

I first want to give thanks to God and give him praise!! God has kept and brought me, my family and friends through this year; regardless of the circumstances and the outcome.  I know that God has us in his hands for safe passage into the new year of 2012. I will continue to love God and have faith in all that I do and all that is done to me.  Happy New Year to everyone and enjoy your new passage into 2012!

Chamber Gestures

I saw you at a distance/the wind carried something remarkable from you to me/I fell deeply puzzled/you had me at hello…

The Assumed Woman

As a single woman the concept can be Joy

Means more than just having wealth and a lot more than just having Toys

It means discovering something new about yourself almost every Day

It means sometimes understanding that you have nothing to Say

It means understanding that being lonely is still a comfortable Place

It means viewing trials and tribulations with a brand new Face

While still being you with a strong foundation much love and grace

Foul playin’

It is not the words that you speak it’s the actions that aren’t followed or carried out by those words…

My thinking moment without appeal

I have learned and have come to appreciate

That something’s in life are just going to be

The way it was designed or desired to be

In spite of one’s interest or desire

If we don’t learn how to fight and place into action

The aspects of survival and justification

To  insure that one grand chance to make wonderful and successful things happen

Small Reflections

I’m back into the light of things

I had fallen short for reasons of my own

I had allowed others to stir up my path in ways not of my own

Time has always slipped away from me

Sometimes we have to let things happen

In order to be able to identify and redirect our purposes

But I am back with reason and now I am pushing forward…

Olivia, Happy Mother’s Day to You…

Olivia, I would like to thank you, my mother for everything. My mother was strong-willed, witty and she had a pretty singing voice, “to me she was the smartest woman that I had ever known”. She was also loving, faithful, nurturing and she genuinely cared about folks. Family and her children meant everything to her.

She taught me to be proud of whom I am and to use what you had been given and use it to the best of your abilities. Also remember to be kind to others and always find away to put the Lord first.

Her constant absence reminds me every day of just how much I truly miss her. Without a doubt I do know that she is now in a better place. You see she has the time, place, the feel, the love and the understanding without restraints to freely proceed living out phase 2 of her better days in peace and I understand that 100%.

I continue to dance and sing  for you. Your daughter, Marie