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The Test

While you were gone the emptiness soared, now that you have returned my desperation and emptiness has been disciplined and renewed…

The Timing is Wrong but MY Love is still Strong

Before us the evidence is present/I don’t want you to be taken from me/so the discomfort that I’m feeling/does not outweigh the love, joy commitment or strength  that I have for my man/it only continues to bless our promise  and understanding that we share for each other/my love to you is eternal…

Opened Presence

I’m thinking about you, while I fall to memory and melt with pleasure, the warmth I feel soothes me from the emptiness felt while you’re away…

Electric Royal Blue

Peaking to the top- I found spectacular love, while desires increased into electric royal blue, explosive light transformed midnight lovers.

Rectifiable Simplicity

So gone (my mind says hold on) time makes it impossible to calculate when I can let go and let you in…


Surprises are just that surprises, it can make ones heart and mind flutter with joy and unbelievable satisfaction especially when LOVE is involved.

Peer Moments

The quite moments alone are breathe taking this morning while things are still…

Sorted Moments

I myself was reflecting on things from the past and I had to stop and tell the Lord how I recognized and appreciated Him and all that he does for me and that I could acknowledge.

What I do…

I love music. I grew up around all types of music and it is a strong part of me. I play music, sing music and also write lyrics to music. I write poetry as well, words can be yourself expression, victory, announcements and freedom there is no end to what words can do or who it may reach and the wonderful purpose(s) that can be shared by participating. My world is full of words! I’ve been blessed to publish a book using my wonderful words and I plan to never stop:)

A Voice

Communication is important to me for many reasons and when you have a thinker as a partner; communication, time and focus are the ingredients for great conversations.