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A Season for the Yellow Brick Wall

the-wallNow I understand the unspoken dilemma
This must have been one of those very special times
Because she’s standing and crying out very loud
And her face was some what clouded
In her mind she’s not fine
All that seemed good and real
Has been discovered and revealed to be as needy as un-pastured hills
There were people all around her
Talking and staring
Pointing fingers and saying that she’s crazy
But no one could hear her
Because she spoke in code

Butterflies fly away
Flowers bloom, die and they prevail year after year
Trials and pain are all still the same
Love is always in reach
But just not seen as in right now
Don’t you want more out of life?
I do but I just don’t know how
I just wanna know that I am
Gonna be around for another day
With great purpose in a lil’ place

Around the way she went
Until she couldn’t go no further
She turned around and wiped her eyes
And to everybody’s surprise
She laid down and disappeared
Into the Yellow Brick Wall
So you see; she was never found again
But every Spring and Summer
You can be a witness
To the beautiful flowing daffodils with pink stems
Embedded through the creases of the Yellow Brick Wall
You see she is still around; just in a better place….

The Day we Met

my-faceI think about the day we met
I about lost myself
And why I don’t know but
My heart jumped and did a gig on the floor
It then happily snapped back into my chest
And caused me to be mesmerized
By that beautiful smile
Taken back I recognized that same smile
From a kind fellow from many years ago
(You see justifiably he became a fixture in my path back then)
And those big hands and big feet
Lord I wanted that man, for my very own
I want everyone to listen
I said my very own, yall!
He was going to become my prince…

To HIM I cry out

Please carry me my Lord to the next phase
Invisible shackles and vicious words are closing in on me
The leaders of today have us all senselessly bound
No lessons learned, just shaky faith and people put down
Voices come united to be heard, but will anyone really listen
Money is the mighty master these days or so I have heard
Lord allow me to see all that I need to see for this day
My feelings are only feelings and my thoughts are just thoughts
Because I have no destination or definition of the realm in which you lead
Your great wonders amaze me on how much you really love me and others
I need and I mean I need to give you all of me and all that I have
Because my awakening has passed, leaving me suppressed and vulnerable
And with no option, I have been beckoned to parade for the trade
With a bewildered mind and a grieving heart, I cry out
To you my Lord and I ask to be healed and
To get closer to you my Lord will you please forgive me and
Please carry me forward my Lord

Love is or can be…

wordz3A heart that loves will capture joy always
A joyful smile spreads the cheer of light
Light opens the pathway to happiness and love is a source of communication and Encouragement

Saved to tell it again

You never know when a purpose has been named to you
Everything else is put on hold until it is fulfilled
Folks that are involved are never aware of their existing contribution
They only bicker over what’s the confusion
While the victim is struggling for faith, fairness and retribution
Hours slip away in the day never to be repeated
While the elements of that already made day
Picked, planned, sealed and brokenly delivered
Seems to be justifications of one’s history
Never mind that I don’t quite understand the game
Never mind that I had been dealt that particular hand
I only question when does this game end
Not being aware before that I am in the game as it has only begun
I am now back to the world with the folks and the drama that put me in
This game to start with, can I cry, fuss or even choose to disillusion myself
From the game why yes, I can but I must be honest
And obedient to the Captain managing my ship
As far as I know I’ve only begun and
My adventure/fortune has not been Completely told yet…

Unleashed Heart

Wrapped in your arms is where I want to staywinded-heart
But I have been told that you and I have to move on
Never being able to finish what we patiently started
I’ll be good and keep my words to myself
Because I will not allow anyone
To steal my rendezvous moment
You see no one in my dreams understands our love
But that’s ok because it was only meant for you and me
So I will continue to dream until our love sets us free
Or I run out of time to dream all of my wonderful dreams
Time found us once and it will fulfill the circle again
Forbidden love has been spoken and promised to
you and me

Joy Part 1 & Part 2

According to the Webster Dictionary- JOY is:
The emotion evoked by well-being Success,
Or good fortune or by
The prospect of possessing what one desires
Joy is knowing that our God is real…
Joy is knowing that first; we are all loved by
God and are saved
And blessed by his grace and mercy
Joy is knowing that God created a
Unique and special person in
All of us for a very special purpose in lifeYouth…
Joy is being happy when wishes come true
Joy is being blessed
Joy is success
Joy is receiving
Joy is

Joy is having peace within yourself and your surroundings
Joy is having your family close and knowing that all is well within their worlds
Joy is knowing that even when this life is over and done
There will be nothing but joy waiting for you and those left behind

Pain is that absence of joy…
Pain is the hard aches of my life
Pain is the troubles of my life
Pain is the grief of my life
Pain is the punishments of my life…
Pain is the physical, mental and spiritual discomforts of my life

So what is joy…
Joy is when the pain of my body is gone
Joy is when the pain of disappointment is gone from my mind
Joy is when the pain of frustration is gone from my efforts
Joy is when the pain of confusion and chaos
Is gone from my daily routine…
Joy is when the pain of hate is gone from my spirit
Joy is when the pain of dissatisfaction
Is gone from my expectations
Joy is when the pain of lack is gone from my need
Joy is the absence of pain…

Speak to me Woman

As a single woman the concept of Joy
Means more than just having wealth and a lot more than just having Toys
It means discovering something new about yourself almost every Day
It means sometimes understanding that you have nothing to Say
It means understanding that being lonely is still a comfortable Place
It means viewing trials and tribulations with a brand new Face
Joy teaches you that it can’t be Stolen
It is only lost when you let go of its Hold
And no one else can take the joy that the Lord has Given
And if you think they have, then check the life that you are Living
For a single woman joy is a treasure from God that He has Blessed
So realize that you have never lost it, just buried it in the wrong Chest
And God has said “I’ve found it”, so don’t continue to look Down
For joy does come back in the morning and a couple’s smile replaces a single’s Frown

Joy is knowing that you exist
Joy is knowing that just being a woman is joy within its self
Joy is being born and growing old with your special attributes bestowed with you
Joy is knowing that we as women are capable of loving strong
And deeply with compassion and justification
Joy is knowing we are blessed have the choice (free will) to make our own choices
Joy is sharing your life with others
Joy is the discipline that you sacrifice when the situation arrives
Joy is being with the ones you love
Joy is acknowledgment

You begin with Love

My sistah, I see you struggling to hold on to your own tubed-heart1
Your invasive words have a profound tone of silence
And passion given by definition only you can
Change what has transpired sensibility
I believe is questionable at this point
My novel suggestion to you is
“I am Lost and have yet to be Found”
An elicits ointment of love can be a way of healing

Change vs Action

Change is inevitableme-kickin
It benefits us all to adapt to it with reason
We need to all get on board with
The occurring reason/purpose
So we can transcend and allow
God to give us an answer on what to do next
On His tasked, then we need to obey
His word and carry out the task
That he has given to each and every one of us
We should never doubt God’s message because
God will never guide you/us wrongly nor will
God leave you to be alone through our/your journey…