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Vertically Drafted

The down pour of tears
can only bring me to the point of salvation
I never asked to be alone
But I also know we don’t always receive what we want
I’m on the borderline of the love tracks of forgotten sensibility


F-urther we have went, to only become closer again

R-ight at this moment there is reflection

I- ntimately our friendships never left each other

E- lements of the unknown brings joy to our paths

N- ever will we stop reaching out to reach each other

D- ay by day we bless our sisters and brothers modestly

S- hould time move on, our history will always collect re-plays

H- olding on to the spirit, gives promises of destiny

I- nspiring words from one another, frees emptiness and doubt

P- enetrating testimony allows me to tell you, that I care for you


Indifference- Moments in our lives can sometimes be fragile so we should try to focus on the important things.

Desires do we really know the truth

The true desires of our hearts… do we always know what we are truly asking for and do we know what to ask for and know what to do with it after we receive it… Also do we cause our requests to be soured, destroyed, disfigured, cursed, blinded, doubled with a blessing or passed over because of our own insecurities, nastiness or ignorance due to envy?

I spoke before I was spoken too

Ok so I made a mistake today
Will I have to live with it forever?
Or can you forgive my foolish response
There are 2 ways in which we can learn
Ask questions to get the logistics
Or watch and observe what’s in progress
I chose option#1
Not knowing that the back lash would become a fever
Of emotions and reticule
I did have a major point to make that you can
Live, live and keep living
While honoring your beliefs and gestures
Embrace what is alive and here available before you now
Remember the purpose of this day and shine, live and live
Because the time becomes now not in to later
The meaning will have changed and the joy will be lost.

I fell down because I didn't look…

Just when you think you have a grasp on your life and
The aspects that make you who you are
You fail yourself
Your choices are no longer at that point your choices
Because of decisions already made for you
Good deeds and honestly reflect on how you
Treat yourself and how you receive others
These gestures may help you to lessen the blow
Of what’s coming to you but it will not stop it
After the impact you may have all of the time
In the world to wonder or figure out
What just happened to you and what have you done
The end result is you’ve ridden through the storm
And now you are on an uncertain road to recovery
Not knowing what may have been left behind or
What new has just joined you
Baby footsteps are in order to help you to grasp
To reality that life all around you is still moving on
While you gather you and prepare
To help fix the torn pieces of your life
Graciously, you have been given another refreshing chance
To re-route with purpose
Greif, sympathy, understanding and forgiveness
Are on route to your recovery grand


Frustrated and confused
I somehow became amused
By the gesture you had made
I said to myself he’s playing the game
Not knowing the rules; became a thieves mystery
I studied you and decided to play possum
Leaving you with a riddle preposterous

The Day we Met

my-faceI think about the day we met
I about lost myself
And why I don’t know but
My heart jumped and did a gig on the floor
It then happily snapped back into my chest
And caused me to be mesmerized
By that beautiful smile
Taken back I recognized that same smile
From a kind fellow from many years ago
(You see justifiably he became a fixture in my path back then)
And those big hands and big feet
Lord I wanted that man, for my very own
I want everyone to listen
I said my very own, yall!
He was going to become my prince…

To HIM I cry out

Please carry me my Lord to the next phase
Invisible shackles and vicious words are closing in on me
The leaders of today have us all senselessly bound
No lessons learned, just shaky faith and people put down
Voices come united to be heard, but will anyone really listen
Money is the mighty master these days or so I have heard
Lord allow me to see all that I need to see for this day
My feelings are only feelings and my thoughts are just thoughts
Because I have no destination or definition of the realm in which you lead
Your great wonders amaze me on how much you really love me and others
I need and I mean I need to give you all of me and all that I have
Because my awakening has passed, leaving me suppressed and vulnerable
And with no option, I have been beckoned to parade for the trade
With a bewildered mind and a grieving heart, I cry out
To you my Lord and I ask to be healed and
To get closer to you my Lord will you please forgive me and
Please carry me forward my Lord

Love is or can be…

wordz3A heart that loves will capture joy always
A joyful smile spreads the cheer of light
Light opens the pathway to happiness and love is a source of communication and Encouragement