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Temporary Proposal

Never should I want for something that I can’t have/because I took it from someone else/I was not strong enough to get it on my owns…

Playtime is Over

She has no more tears to share/only memories of lost times & bad decisions of the past/her future seems to be empty with UN-favorite things…

The Revealed Women

Joy is knowing that you exist

Joy is knowing that just being a woman is joy within its self

Joy is being born and growing old with your special attributes bestowed with you

Joy is knowing that we as women are capable of loving

At times strongly and deeply with compassion and justification

Joy is knowing we are blessed and have the choice to make our own decisions

Joy is sharing your life with others

Joy is the discipline that you sacrifice when the situation arrives

Joy is being with the ones you love

A woman’s joy is a treasure from God that He has Blessed

Joy is acknowledgment

Seats still Available

Stretch the love, seek the vision for understanding and clarification

With your grounded foundation

Achieve fellowship to guide the miss fortunate into the given vision and

Purpose so peace can land and rainbow as purposed”

Pick up the pace

Purpose- sometimes it is just common sense thinking and sometimes you have to be a lil’ insane to be sane to understand and to see what you can’t fully see with one’s eyes. Then the mechanisms in the brain have to clarify the rest.

Words for Today

Treat yourself and free yourself with a few moments of good thoughts…

Peak Show

Peak Show

We all as women fell good when we can do something for ourselves every once in a while

I went to my favorite lingerie shop and purchased some new silk panties

The colors where in various colors and shapes

I had slimmed down some, so I wanted to treat myself

I wore a pair of my new panties to an event

And had to excuse myself to go to the powder room

The powder room was filled with a variety of beautiful women

And all of the stalls were occupied

It was all right though because I was feeling fresh and free

My turn came up next

I went in, did my thing, and stood up to pull up my panties

To my surprise my panties rolled right down my legs to the floor

I wanted to crank up on a ladder to the blue skies and open my head up

And scream “why me” (from the embarrassment!)

My first thought was to pull them up and run out of the bathroom

Like the strike of a hot match

But then I decided to generously pull up my panties

And have a seat on the toilet and take a moment

I wondered if anyone saw my peak show

Hopefully they all were to busy chatting to notice

I then tiptoed out of the stall

Freshened up and left the powder room

I noticed ladies standing around

But then I pretended that the same thing had happened to all of them

And as I left I started laughing so hard the gum I had in my mouth

Jumped right out of my mouth, what a moment!

My Gardener



When I asked my gardener
What lovely flower do I remind him of
His reply was; “Poison Ivy”
I laughed and graciously savored my compliment
Because I know that I leave him
With such a gratifying itch
And he keeps coming back for mo’
As a precaution I always have
Goodies such as band-aids and sweet juice
Available for each and every massive recovery
Rare gems decipher the wanted…

Now or Later

When a sweet glance is given
Or a sweet treat is presented
Or sweet words are spoken
Shared emotions are sparked
Shared pulses of satisfaction comes into play
Shared favorable, desirable or advantageous expectations may be in order

The ultimate performance of reality is left up to you


Ignorance helps no one
Examination of the mind is necessary
The requirements are more often then we think
What is not already processed can be learned
Sometimes we need to go through things or situations
In order to learn the processes
Ultimately lessons learned are by naked trials
So we can then exercise free-will the right way