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Still Winning

Love never leaves, It just gets tested and re-evaluated until the right scene, moment and desires of one’s heart captures the real purpose and plays out the theme…

What about it?

Prying eyes seem to notice everything except the real actual sighting/deception met.

Wisdom that I need to follow

Prayer is exhaling the spirit of a woman, her quandary assets and inhaling the spirit of God for revelation.

A Sistahs Desired Moment

From one woman with a good heart to another good woman it is hard to let go of someone you’ve cherished and loved for a lifetime and you have given you body, mind and soul too (we love and we love hard and when don’t usually know when to let go until it is almost to late…) but it is a betrayal to you and the other person involved and can be a lifetime of harm, heartache and a lifetime of PAIN to hold on to tarnished love, empty house with no love, empty love, a bruised heart and mind with uncertainties. Justification means just what is says; showing me and doing it to completion! 

Holding on to the past can be a bad thing at times, you for one have never closed the opened door, you have not made peace to yourself or for the other person, you are susceptive to letting in anything to touch you and turn your life into a quandary of hell, doing the right thing hurts at times (believe me it really hurts) but it also allows you to sort out things and see things as they really should be… What you may have wanted in/for your life may not be what is for your destiny, path or your blessings.

Taking chances is just what it is; taking chances… I figure you can’t do any worse in your situation. You still have yourself and other opportunities to pick up the pieces and start over again a-new; when you are ready in the very end (you may be crazy and not marketable anymore after you empty your bags but…). You just keep on moving and keep your head up high and keep on smiling. I believe in you and I want nothing but the very best for you. I will stay in prayer for you:)

I’m 1/2 way there

As you settle into your power

You are aware and conscious of the hours

You seek and take things/situations as they are

Because with wisdom, strength and knowledge

Follows the awful truth of whom and what you really are

Be thankful and pleased for your freedom

Because your time and season may come without your reason


Addressing a Friend

Congratulations to you both and may love, joy, respect and trust stay strong among you 2 forever!

Friday’s Love…

Firsts helps me to always recognize that yet again the Lord has brought us all this far out of harm’s way

Given another chance to live, breathe, share, forgive, pray, renew, evolve, multiply, debate, obey and recognize whatever is needed with or without consequences

We are constantly being rescued from out of harm’s way

Our free will still in tack, desires and promises still in our realm

Kept and promised joy of enjoying each other, the unknown and secrets kept hidden

From us for our well being, opportunities opening up and already available

We can still love if we want to and work hard at keeping it

You and I have the opportunities for change

New folks on a positive may enter our lives; older friends are kept or lost

The availability to place love in its place regarding circumstances

Forgiveness is in our prospective, rationality focuses from the very foundation we purpose

Bonded purpose may or may not be a choice

Knowledge and justification comes from growth

Reason and honesty still manages to be sought out after, discovered and purposed

We are among folks for the goodness of mankind

Right means right and wrong could mean death, punishment, loneliness, payback, deception, hurt, shame, grief or malice

Some of us make it to completion and some of us don’t, that is the master plan…

Short cuts are restricted

I have learned in the past years that sometimes you’ve got to be the bigger person and allow folks to do their own thing, without any of your help at all.  They already have the help but because of our interference the task can’t be done and we may have bruised their chance for the ultimate reward.

Out of Order

From the manner of the act is reason

Not all answers come with instructions

We rule what we have and what we are given

Distorted direction causes misguided conclusions

The purpose may not always be understood

Options are within reach and can be justifiable with validation

Release will never happen with out belief

A touch of Class

What makes life fun for you? Sharing and being loved with a purpose.