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1-2-3 or Me?

Mothers themselves were little girls once

Experiencing life with promise and hope

Wishing to be the very desires of their hearts

We fail; re-work and we all have grown up

Now it’s up to us to make the best of what we have

May victory come to us all at last!

Ok now coffee, tea or Barbie!


Sometimes a misfortune can bring joy and peace renewed.

My Sistah go to the back of the line

What were you thinking? All I said was excuse me. You think that you are to good to move or step aside so I can pass you? I had no desire to touch you or talk to you.  For goodness sakes you were in a gaming store!  Who in the hell would be interested in you less more want to pick you up in a gaming store?  Sorry if I clouded your space or spot light moment!  BTW the games hold more interest and value then you do!  Sometimes we have to take one for the team and keep it amovin’ (as my sista would say).