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A cloud or 2 may bring gloom or rain but 1 smile can take away moments of pain…

Piece, by Piece by Piece

I am giving myself a reprieve of moments to find the justification of the righteousness I seek for myself while staying and moving towards completion.

My Opened Eyes

When you get older and are Grown
You begin to see there is nothing you really Own
You willingly let a lot of things just Be
Because maturity allows you to recognize and feel Free

Let me put a Stamp on It!

Now that I have made it through this week

I am damn tired and ready to exhale

Exhale for the lost sleep, lost loving, lost of freedom of motion, lost of bypassed verbiage, Lost thinking and the absence of doing what I wanted to do

Responsibilities hold me to my will/compromise to do the daily

While I have to slave to the rhythm of my livelihood so I can continue to make it

Forcefully putting up with the kayos that moves through and around my environment

While faithfully holding on to what I believe in and have placed stake on

My purpose has always been clear I think?

Believe in who you are, stay focused, stay true to the meaning of truth

Continue to always love; share your wealth with others and proceed with care

Never let anyone ever steal your joy

The enemy is always messing with me in some shape or form

The more I fight the stronger the force comes at me

I know that life has its preordained purpose and reserved pathway to our journeys

Certain choices did not include our free will, we were just expected to follow

It is very rare that you can have what you want without some consequence

I have yet to get something for free that truly means really just free

Without a subliminal message of some kind tacked on to it

That I will need to reflect on and use later on in life

I just really want to breathe and take it in

Without having to give it back out all of the time

Now that I have expressed my plight, let me gather and fold back into the real world

So I’m gonna keep on being as repetitious as possible until I unfold for the last time



In recognizing can you voice who gave you the will and the blessing to make a wrong a right, incomplete a complete or a jester to become live and be sent with meaning?  I can and I do each and everyday…

It’s my magic!

I smile because I can, I ponder when I want to, I cry when I need to and I speak when needed (and sometimes when not needed)

You see I am a woman (my prerogative) and I laugh whenever the heck possible!

Laughter is just what is needed at times to help free me and make me feel good!

Emotions and my life are a genuine part of me…


Protruding- to stick out from the surroundings, or make something do this

My definition- Hidden secrets and comprised truths become folks reality when they are least expected to gain the ugly truth or the vainness of what the truth really means.


Truth- with truth brings recognition and value…

Words for Today

Plenty- an adequate or more than adequate amount or quantity, ample or more than sufficient, enough

My definition- We all have plenty of: being loved or loving someone. A little love in everyone’s heart can go a long way. We also have plenty of: In-differences, likes, tolerances, hatred, forgiving, holding grudges, desires, broken hearts, being admired, despised, liked, envied, unity, loneliness, statistics, empty biases, race, humanity, individuality, fashion plates groupies stress and death.

My point is we are always trying to find “Equality” and we are so naive that we already and always have had plenty of it and other things…

Words for Today

Unknown Challenges: Not known; unfamiliar, not identified, ect.

The real challenge is can you take on the victory or the lesson from God? How wise or dependable are you to the situation or the conditions laid out before you? Must we always conquer what we do as good attentive soldiers or do we use or alternative gifts and pursue door #2 OR door #3 for whatever is going to be whatever and take the risk and chance of losing our well deserved blessings? All because we are not cut out to belong and function into the real world not of our choice but the in the well documented surviving laws of religion have been justified and bestowed to everyone since the beginnings of time. So we can step out of the dark into the light…